Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tea Party Express Reports from Wisconsin

We had an eventful couple of days in Wisconsin between braving an old fashioned mid-west snow storm and debating Wisconsin Democratic Party communications director Graeme Zalinski.
Between the two, we are still trying to figure out which one blew the most air.
We have been warning you that our opposition in the Recall can not stand on the facts because the truth is not on their side. The only thing that they can resort to is banging pots and pans and screaming their tired stereotypes and lies.
But even we were shocked by the behavior and disrespect that Wisconsin Democratic Party communications director Graeme Zalinski showed to our chairman Amy Kremer on Wisconsin Public Television’s Here and Now.
The lies that he said were offensive, but the condescending way in which he said it was even worse – video to come shortly.

Here are a few samples that give you a taste of his rude behavior and lies:
“Its shocking that this governor would embrace these out-of-state corporate extremists like the Tea Party, people with southern drawls from confederate states (a reference to Amy being from Atlanta)”
When Amy was asked a question by the moderator and it was her turn to speak, he just kept yelling:
“Well Yee-haw”
“Get out of our state, get out of our state!”
We have seen some heated debates about ideology, but never have we seen someone that claims to be a professional act so immaturely, offensively and with such a lack of respect for another human.
After his performance on the program, things got worse when he went to Twitter and said:

Graeme Zielinski (@gjzielinski)
3/2/12 2:04 PM How offensive that @GovWalker is bringing crazies from the Confederate states up here to meddle in our elections.
Graeme Zielinski (@gjzielinski) 2/29/12 8:44 AM @GovWalker‘s Tea Party group sure loves the “N” Word. Must be the @WisGOP nod to Black History Month.
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We can not let the left get away with stuff like this, it is unacceptable!
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