Monday, March 5, 2012

School Choice Message from SCRG

South Carolinians for Responsible Government
The school choice bill hits full committee tomorrow!

Lawmakers on the House Ways and Means committee will debate, and vote on, H. 4894 tomorrow. They need to hear from you now.

H.4894 is a modest choice program, primarily supporting low-income students and students with special needs. The plan offers tax credit funded scholarships for those children to attend the independent school of their parents' choice.

Last week, as the bill was passed out of subcommittee, the "Education Lobby" attacked the proposal vigorously. Jackie Hicks of the SCEA testified about her disgust at the possibility of students with disabilities leaving public schools "merely" because their own parents felt those schools weren't serving the child's needs sufficiently!

Statewide, thousands of emails were sent to public school employees, on the taxpayers' time and money, coordinating assaults on the proposal. That's why lawmakers need to hear from you today.

As the bill moves forward in the legislative process, these attacks on the sovereignty of parental rights will only worsen. Take a moment right now; call and email these lawmakers. Press them to vote in favor of the bill tomorrow -and more importantly- to aggressively use their position and influence to see this bill through to enactment as law.

Brian White (Chair) 7343144 (H.4894 sponsor)
Bill Whitmire 734-3068

And, as always, is the simplest way to reach out to your own state representative and senator to let them know you support parental choice in K-12 education.

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