Monday, September 28, 2015

Rick Osbon for Mayor of Aiken

Dear Republican Friends,
I am honored to be your Republican nominee for Mayor of Aiken. I have been busy working the phones and knocking on doors, but now I need your help to ensure a Republican victory on November 3rd.
Democrats from across the state have had their eyes on winning this seat for years to increase their power within local governments, but we must see to it that does not happen. These Democrats only want to tax and spend so they can grow local government. I just don’t think government is the answer.
I have a plan to help create jobs, make our streets safer and fix our failing roads and infrastructure. It just takes leadership and an ability to reach out and work better with others.
And if elected, I will stand strong against any new tax hikes, in fact I strongly opposed the City Hospitality Tax hike my opponent helped propose last Spring, and as your next Mayor, I will work to defeat it next January.
There’s no reason to create another new tax when the City of Aiken already has existing funds to pay for these needs. We just don’t need any more local government tax hikes!
If you agree with me, the most effective way to win in November is to ensure that our Republican base takes nothing for granted so please consider getting involved in our campaign today!
We are outlining an aggressive grassroots campaign and I need your help staffing phone banks and assisting with door-to-door campaigning. We will have a phone bank tomorrow, Tuesday September 28th between 3 PM and 8 PM. These person to person contacts are the most effective way to remind prospective voters of our conservative message and the real choices they need to make in November.
Remember, if you have any free time to help out this month, please stop by or call the Osbon for Mayor campaign headquarters located at 202 Richland Avenue in downtown Aiken anytime between 3PM and 8 PM on Tuesday.
If you can help us any other time with phone banks, door knocking, basic campaign office work, joining our new neighbor to neighbor mail program, donating financially, or contributing your time to GET OUT THE VOTE – please signup at or by emailing me at or by contacting my campaign phone at (803) 443-2231.
Thank you,
Rick Osbon
Republican Nominee for Mayor of Aiken
PS – I will oppose any and all tax hikes, work hard to recruit new economic development, fix our broken roads and bridges and help make Aiken the safest place to live, work and raise a family. If you agree, please join our team today!

Show your support today by placing a sign in your front yard!

If you would like a sign for your yard you can stop by Osbon’s Dry Cleaners and pick one up.
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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Carly for President

CARLY for America

Friend –

After last night's Presidential Primary debate at the Reagan Library, I think we can all agree – Carly Fiorina is not just another face in the crowd.
Not just another face in the crowd

Carly Fiorina has been underestimated all of her life, from the time she worked as a secretary at a nine-person real estate firm to serving as the CEO for the largest technology firm in the world. And, last night was no exception.

Carly worked hard and earned her place on the stage for the prime time debate, and didn't just hold her own. She delivered an indisputable stand-out substantive performance.

Please don't take my word for it, though. Here's some of what others are saying about Carly:

"Biggest winner, Carly Fiorina... She looked presidential, serious, sharp, well-informed, non-establishment and tough." – Glenn Beck

"Carly sounds like a modern day Margaret Thatcher." – Tony Perkins

"Carly Fiorina commanded the stage all night, on every question. She is pure dynamite." – Monica Crowley

"...Carly Fiorina would be Hillary Clinton's worst nightmare in a general election debate." – David Catanese

But, unlike others who were on the stage tonight, Carly is a political outsider and hasn't been running for office and raising money from special interests for years. So, she needs your help to keep the momentum going!

Please use the quick donate buttons to contribute right now:

As Carly said, "Presidential campaigns reveal character over time and under pressure."

Your contribution will help Carly overcome the fundraising disadvantage she has as an outsider.

Thank you!
Janel Domenico
Janel Domenico
Senior Advisor for Finance CARLY for America
Donate: CARLY for America

Paid for by the CARLY For America Committee.
CARLY For America is an independent expenditure committee and not authorized or coordinated with any federal candidate or candidate's committee.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

A well deserved bow to Charleston

Today I received the following from a good friend who was in a discussion with many other friends who have lived here for many years.

"We were talking about how beautifully the citizens of Charleston have conducted themselves in the face of tragedy.  Here's a blog from Peggy Noonan, now with the Wall Street Journal.  She agrees.

It's amazing how rapidly the main stream media has changed the focus of this tragedy into debates on other political issues about South Carolina.  You cannot catapult the actions of one immature 21 year old racist into a systemic problem in all of South Carolina.  I've lived here a long time and I have not found this to be even closely true.

The victims and their families are unbelievably remarkable."