Saturday, June 20, 2015

A well deserved bow to Charleston

Today I received the following from a good friend who was in a discussion with many other friends who have lived here for many years.

"We were talking about how beautifully the citizens of Charleston have conducted themselves in the face of tragedy.  Here's a blog from Peggy Noonan, now with the Wall Street Journal.  She agrees.

It's amazing how rapidly the main stream media has changed the focus of this tragedy into debates on other political issues about South Carolina.  You cannot catapult the actions of one immature 21 year old racist into a systemic problem in all of South Carolina.  I've lived here a long time and I have not found this to be even closely true.

The victims and their families are unbelievably remarkable."  

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Aiken Symphony Guild presents The Aiken Symphony Orchestra 2015-2016 Season


Aiken City Councilman Dick Dewar will run for re-election.

 Aiken City councilman Dick Dewar has announced his intent to run for re-election for the District 3 City council seat.

Mr. Dewar said “I have tried hard to deliver on the promises I made when I first ran in 2007.   Many of my constituents have urged me to run for re-election because they are pleased with my votes on some of the serious issues, especially fiscal responsibility.  For example, I voted against the Hospitality Tax because I felt that Council should have looked more closely in our budget to find the revenues to fund the proposed programs. But I have often voted in the minority and progress has been slower than I had hoped. 

“This year’s election presents a great opportunity for our City.  We have a new City Manager who is committed to fiscal reforms.  The only to-date announced mayoral candidate is advocating fiscal restraint and planning for the future.  He also calls for a re-evaluation of the Hospitality Tax and close review of our existing budget to fund those projects.  These are things I have supported all along.  I want to use my experience and skills to help meet these challenges to move the city forward and position it for the long-term.  It is for this reason that I have decided to run for re--election.” 
If you wish to contact Dick, please call him at 649-4589 or email at