Saturday, April 11, 2015

One Nation under God

The following video presents a good lesson for President Obama.

3 min walk around The White House  

Click on "walk" below


Thursday, March 19, 2015

Nuclear Waste Dump

The following message was sent from Dr. Rose Lee Hayes to U.S. and South Carolina legislators and other concerned citizens. I recommend it to everyone and urge you to pass it on:

" I urge you not to introduce any legislation that would change or break the current Atlantic Compact terms to allow more out of state waste or added radioactive materials to be dumped in South Carolina. Ask the Appeals Court to make good on their decision to require Chem Nuclear to change their disposal practices at Barnwell. Without proper political leadership South Carolina, in combination with other sites such as Pinewood and the Savannah River Site, has become Plan B for Yucca Mountain and is, unobtrusively but deliberately becoming the national nuclear waste burial ground (geologic repository). South Carolina politicians have not even had the foresight to see to it that nuclear waste dumping in our state is rigidly regulated. Nuclear waste is deadly to human health and their requisite environment. Please do your job and see to it that no more waste is dumped in South Carolina and that what is already here is hastily cleaned up to meet all applicable health and environmental standards."

 Dr. Rose O. Hayes 616 Colleton Ave SE Aiken, SC 29801 803 599-1265